The Happy Healthy Pup! Packages
Puppy Package I
Our Puppy Package I covers Pup Yoga, Exercise & Cardio, Nutrition and Proper Grooming including a visit to the Vet. Modules include:
  • How To Do A Wellness Check - Video
  • How To Calm Your Pup With Yoga! - Video
  • Pup Yoga Poses - Guide
  • Pup Exercise For Your Breed - Video
  • Types Of Exercises For Your Pup - Infographic
  • Extreme Pup Sports - Guide
  • Why Fresh Food Is Best - Demo Video
  • Healthy Homemade Food - eBook
  • Supplements To Keep Your Pup Healthy And Combate Health Issues - Guide
  • 10 Tips For Cleaning Your Pup - Guide
  • Pup Materials And Tools Needed + Visit To The Vet - Video
Puppy Package I - $197
Puppy Package II
Puppy Package II covers Crystals & Chakras, Traveling With Your Pup, Accessories And Toys and Training Your Pup. Modules include:
  • The Perfect Crystal - Guide
  • Crystals And Chakras - Guide
  • Aligning Your Pup's Chakras - Video
  • How To Prep Your Pup For Travel - Guide
  • Paperwork, Custome & Fees - Guide
  • Travel Items From a Pawrent's Point Of View - Video
  • Travel Items From a Pup's Point Of View - Video
  • 8 Tips For A Great Road Trip - Guide
  • Types Of Pup Restraints - Video
  • The Best Collar For Your Pup - Guide
  • Great Games & Toys - Video & Guide
  • 100 Dog Training Tips - Guide
Puppy Package II - $197
Puppy Bundle Package
Get both Puppy Package I and Puppy Package II at a substantial discount!
Puppy Bundle Package - $297

Hi, I'm Cinnamon, the reason behind The Happy Healthy Pup!

Yeah, I know I'm a character and a total ham. My Mommy often calls me the people’s dog and I agree.  I love the camera and have perfected lots of poses like this one. Mommy and I travel quite a bit and the pictures of our travels are legendary – especially the ones of me on the Queen Mary and sailing the Nile River on a felucca. 

Because of her love and desire for me to live an exceptional life, she became a Pup Wellness Expert. We practice yoga together (I'm a pro at downward dog), she feeds me a special diet that is fresh and organic, we exercise together, and my mental health and well-being are paramount. She even makes sure my chakras are properly aligned (yes, dogs have chakras too) and we have an accessory line featuring crystals for pups.

Register for The Happy Healthy Pup and your furbaby will be as happy and healthy as I am.

My story and why I started Wellness For Pups!



“You have an amazing presence and energy and I can feel your love for dogs.”
"This information is so useful. I regularly travel with my dog and this course showed me how to keep her calm during the flight and how to navigate different governmental guidelines. Thank you."
“Your New Puppy checklist was a huge help when I started thinking about getting a dog. Your outline of the responsibilities was spot on.”


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